Saturday, December 27, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Graduation, baby blessing, and moving all in a week

We have been very busy of late and here is why. . . Tim graduated from Byu-Idaho on Friday the 12th. He amazes me so much. Even with having a full time job and a family he still kept his grades up and found time to play with his buddies.
On Saturday morning we had a wonderful snow storm and Wal-Mart came to move us. Fortunately my parents had came to Rexburg to watch Tim graduate then take Carter to Utah with them so he didn't have to be there while we took everything out. And Tims mom Lenore stayed and helped me finish packing boxes and cleaning. Lilly was a little angel through the whole thing and stayed content in her swing.
Then Saturday evening my sister Lisa and I blessed our babies at her church in Lehi, Ut. All of my family got to be there and Tim's parents and one of his sisters and her family. My cousin Melissa and her family also got to come, I really enjoyed that.
Tim left to drive to Arkansas at 3am on Monday and arrived at 9pm. The moving truck delivered our things Tuesday morning. Tim's mom Lenore flew out with Carter Wednesday morning on stand by due to her daughter working for an airline company she gets to travel for free. I flew out on Wednesday afternoon. I was supposed to be flying from Salt Lake to Las Vegas to Denver then to Fayettville, AR. I got stuck in Las Vegas though with Lilly. All flights were canceled due to 3 inches of snow. We stayed in a hotel and flew out the next afternoon. I got to Fayettville at 1 am on Friday.
Carter has been having fun in our new house with so much space to run and adjusted very quickly to his big bed. Tim was given 14 days off of work to relocate. We have been enjoying having him here and helping while I unpack.
We had a nice Christmas by ourselves here in Arkansas, I definitely missed being with my family though. Carter was excited about all his presents and was kind of bothered that we didn't let him play with any of them until we were all done unwrapping. We had a couple over for dinner on Christmas that also recently moved here from our ward in Idaho. Her family makes homemade pizzas for Christmas dinner, so we had pizza and a ham dinner. After we put Carter to bed we played the Wii for a couple hours.
Here are pictures from Lillys blessing and of our new home. I will post pics of my bedroom, carter's room, the office, and the laundry room as they get unpacked and organized.

Play room

Family room (fireplace room)

Play room

Lilly's room (now if only she would use it)

Dining room

This window and the window in the Living room are where I got the rods and fabric to sew drapes for.


View from front door

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Lilly pics

Lots of Lasting Love for the Lovely Lady Lilly Lulu

Tim here. Norma is busy with Lilly and we finally figured out a way around plugging our camera into the computer and still uploading some pictures. This last week has been a bit crazy, but it's been like going to Disneyland. A little hectic, but has had some great rides.

Here's Carter holding Lilly. They are so cute. Carter looked just like her when he was that age. Carter even weighed less!

Ahhhhhh..... They're kissing...............Or is Lilly bitting Carters nose? Get him!

Our first family picture.

I have the feeling that even though we are even, these two women will be deciding everything in our family. But I'm sure glad Lilly looks like her mom.

So peaceful.

Happy Dad!
She brings color in our life. Or dots
Carter's first babysitting gig
His second. He decided to change it up and do it naked.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lillian Rose Anderson has arrived!

On Monday October 27th, I went into the hospital around 10 to be induced. By the time I got in and settled I learned that they didn't know when the doctor would be able to come in and break my water like they did with Carter. I talked to the nurse and decided around 11 that they would start me on some pitocin. They gave me one drop every hour until 12:30 when the doctor came in to break my water. I got an epidural soon after that and she was born at 2:22 pm. She weighed 7lbs 11ozs and was 18 inches long. She is so sweet. We came home on Tuesday late afternoon. Carter has been doing well with all things considered. He is jealous of the attention she gets and thinks she should be in the bouncer or swing all the time so I can hold him. He went over to a friends house for awhile today and then out with my mom, so he hasn't had a ton of time yet to show too much frustration. Any tips for helping the siblings adjust to a new baby?

Sorry I still haven't been able to find my camera cord so you will have to wait a little longer to see our cute baby girl.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I thought I would take this time to post, since Tim has Carter. He took Carter to watch the BYU football game with him. He is such a good dad, I wonder how much Tim is really getting to watch the game though.
Well, its only a matter of days till the new baby comes. I will be 38 weeks in a couple of days. I'm hoping she comes before Halloween. Carter is doing great. He is such a happy kid (generally). He has been doing a lot of pretend play the last month. One of his favorite things to do is to put a stick of some sort between his legs and run around and say neigh. He also likes to pretend dad is a horse and ride on Tims back. Its fun to see how fast he picks up on things. I have had to stop drinking straight from the milk cartoon because Carter has started to put his mouth on it and wants a drink too. He still loves music and to dance. He has a number of toys that play music that he consistently pushes throughout the day so he can dance. His vocabulary has been expanding as well. He is just beginning to say short phrases. Carter and I have really enjoyed being in an apartment this semester with all the kids to play with. Everytime we go outside there is normally atleast one kid to run around and scream with. I am very excited and anxious though to move into our home. We officially own it now. We decided on buying a larger older home. It has new carpet and tile throughout the house, which was a must for me. I'm so excited to have a play room, a laundry room, and extra space to store everything, to entertain, and for guests. I feel like everything is so cluttered and never looks clean in our tiny apartment. We have plans to do some major landscaping this spring. We plan on taking out some trees so we can have a bigger lawn. And actually put in a lawn.
Here are a couple pics of the home, we took at the end of summer and of Carter. I can't find my camera cord so these are pics my friend took and I got off her blog. Thanks Tonya! Carter loves playing with this little boy, they love to run and scream and play cars.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Only one more move . . . for awhile

We are back in Rexburg. Arkansas was a good experience. In fact it was so good that we are
moving back in December after graduation. Tim got a job for Sams Club as an assisstant buyer. He is working at our local club in Idaho Falls getting some in-club experience while he finishes this semester and also doing some projects for the Home Office. We are in the process of buying a home in Arkansas. Once everything is finalized I will post pictures. We are very excited to be moving their and for our home. We will miss all our family in the Northwest though. Our baby girl will be here soon, only 2 months to go. We are getting very excited, I love to see all the cute little girl clothes next to all Carters big boy clothes in his closet. They will be so cute together.

On our way back to Rexburg we stopped for a week and a half in Minnesota to spend time with Tims family. It was a great vacation. Carter loved his cousins and all the attention he got. Carter surprisingly did very well with the 30+ hours in the car in 2 weeks and sleeping in the car, hotels, and about 3 other locations. I felt bad to continue to change everything on him every couple days. We were able to spend time with all of Tims family and go to a cabin for a couple days. It was a very nice resort that was filled with tons of things to do. We all were sad to leave.

Here are some picture that we got taken while at Tims parents. I will have to post the pictures from our camera another time.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Life in NW Arkansas

Carter loves to hug mommy and daddy at the same time.
We went to a mall and outside their was a band playing Carter screamed and cheered after every song. Superman even got a shout out from the band.

Tims parents came last week and we had many exciting adventures. We went to a couple lakes, a cave, and other tourist attractions.

Carter loved to play in the shallow water. He has also discovered the joy of splashing in puddles of late.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Disneyland pics

Tim and I are in Arkansas now for a couple months for Tim's internship at Sam's Club. This is his first week and hes really enjoying it. We both like what we have seen so far. The weather has been nice and their seems to be plenty to do around here and lots of shopping.

We miss Yakima though. Carter loved going out to see the animals everyday and especially spending time with Bubby and Grandpa.

Carter is growing up so fast. He seems to be understanding a lot more of late. It's nice also because he seems happier. He loves the attention of others and is constantly waving and clapping to get a smile.

Oh yeah and also I'm having a girl. We are so excited.