Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby Lilly

I love this little girl! Lilly is so sweet. Her latest tricks are clapping, waving, putting her hands up when we sing "snowman . . . tall, tall, tall", climbing up the stairs, walking along furniture and venturing from one piece to another. She loves eating anything and everything, Carter, Carters toys (especially the mini trampoline, and pushing the lighting McQueen riding car), reading books, bath time, music, loves being held, and loves the swing and slide at the playground and I'm pretty sure she already likes pretty shoes. Carter still calls her baby and adores her. He wants to share everything with her and gives Lilly toys consistently but mainly so she won't steal the toy he wants. He likes her to have bows and clips in her hair so she can be pretty and knows anything pink is for Lilly and anything blue is for Carter. He looks out for her at play dates and tries to carry her even though she is almost as big as he is. Mom, Dad, and Carter can't help but smile when we see her.