Friday, August 29, 2008

Only one more move . . . for awhile

We are back in Rexburg. Arkansas was a good experience. In fact it was so good that we are
moving back in December after graduation. Tim got a job for Sams Club as an assisstant buyer. He is working at our local club in Idaho Falls getting some in-club experience while he finishes this semester and also doing some projects for the Home Office. We are in the process of buying a home in Arkansas. Once everything is finalized I will post pictures. We are very excited to be moving their and for our home. We will miss all our family in the Northwest though. Our baby girl will be here soon, only 2 months to go. We are getting very excited, I love to see all the cute little girl clothes next to all Carters big boy clothes in his closet. They will be so cute together.

On our way back to Rexburg we stopped for a week and a half in Minnesota to spend time with Tims family. It was a great vacation. Carter loved his cousins and all the attention he got. Carter surprisingly did very well with the 30+ hours in the car in 2 weeks and sleeping in the car, hotels, and about 3 other locations. I felt bad to continue to change everything on him every couple days. We were able to spend time with all of Tims family and go to a cabin for a couple days. It was a very nice resort that was filled with tons of things to do. We all were sad to leave.

Here are some picture that we got taken while at Tims parents. I will have to post the pictures from our camera another time.