Thursday, January 6, 2011

Carters thoughts

Carter and I have been having some interesting conversations lately. I thought I should start recording them so one day we can look back and laugh at them. Here are a couple that occured today...

carter: daddys going to put me in jail
me: no he wont
carter: yes he will
me: why is he going to put you in jail
carter: cause he doesnt love me
me: yes he does
carter: no cause im sad
me: daddy always loves you even when you are sad
carter: why
me: because hes your daddy and you're his carter
carter: oh ok, thank you mommy

carter: i want to go to my different house with my mommy
me: am i your mommy?
carter: no your lillys mommy. my house and mommy are in africa. i need to go to africa and see my mommy, i miss her
me: carter i'm your mommy
carter: no you're not shes in africa
me: yeah i'll show you pictures when you were in my tummy
carter: oh ok thank you mommy

We have similar conversations every day. I really wonder sometimes where he gets this stuff and what he really believes. The only tv he watches is diego and dora. He doesn't know his letters but he can tell you quite the story.