Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April photo shoot

In March my mom came to visit for a week and a half for my birthday. Some of the highlights were our sewing projects and her taking me on a shopping spree for my birthday. It was so much fun to have her around and can't wait for her next visit. She was also very helpful with helping me to be a better parent. I used to cave into Carter too much and he was getting into the habit of whining all the time till he got his way. Anyways with her support and encouragement I can tell him know no or later now without any breakdowns. She is the best mom and grandma.

April has been so nice here. The weather has been perfect. Everything is so green right now. I have planted some tomatoe plants, green peppers, and herbs in an upside down patio garden Tim got me for my birthday. We have also been planting other flowers around and fixing things up. Tim is building a new deck railing right now and we continue to scrape ceilings and paint. I have really been enjoying having these projects I always have something to do. But at the same time nothing is broken or unbearable that we have to get it done as quick as possible.

Lilly is 6 months now. She has 2 teeth, can sit up by herself (as long as she isn't too excited or too tired), can turn in a circle and roll which gets her wherever she wants to go, falls alseep by herself with no crying, loves to play with toys or whatever she can reach, loves to watch Carter and loves attention.
As you can see we are happy and just enjoying life. Enjoy all the pics!