Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lillian Rose Anderson has arrived!

On Monday October 27th, I went into the hospital around 10 to be induced. By the time I got in and settled I learned that they didn't know when the doctor would be able to come in and break my water like they did with Carter. I talked to the nurse and decided around 11 that they would start me on some pitocin. They gave me one drop every hour until 12:30 when the doctor came in to break my water. I got an epidural soon after that and she was born at 2:22 pm. She weighed 7lbs 11ozs and was 18 inches long. She is so sweet. We came home on Tuesday late afternoon. Carter has been doing well with all things considered. He is jealous of the attention she gets and thinks she should be in the bouncer or swing all the time so I can hold him. He went over to a friends house for awhile today and then out with my mom, so he hasn't had a ton of time yet to show too much frustration. Any tips for helping the siblings adjust to a new baby?

Sorry I still haven't been able to find my camera cord so you will have to wait a little longer to see our cute baby girl.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I thought I would take this time to post, since Tim has Carter. He took Carter to watch the BYU football game with him. He is such a good dad, I wonder how much Tim is really getting to watch the game though.
Well, its only a matter of days till the new baby comes. I will be 38 weeks in a couple of days. I'm hoping she comes before Halloween. Carter is doing great. He is such a happy kid (generally). He has been doing a lot of pretend play the last month. One of his favorite things to do is to put a stick of some sort between his legs and run around and say neigh. He also likes to pretend dad is a horse and ride on Tims back. Its fun to see how fast he picks up on things. I have had to stop drinking straight from the milk cartoon because Carter has started to put his mouth on it and wants a drink too. He still loves music and to dance. He has a number of toys that play music that he consistently pushes throughout the day so he can dance. His vocabulary has been expanding as well. He is just beginning to say short phrases. Carter and I have really enjoyed being in an apartment this semester with all the kids to play with. Everytime we go outside there is normally atleast one kid to run around and scream with. I am very excited and anxious though to move into our home. We officially own it now. We decided on buying a larger older home. It has new carpet and tile throughout the house, which was a must for me. I'm so excited to have a play room, a laundry room, and extra space to store everything, to entertain, and for guests. I feel like everything is so cluttered and never looks clean in our tiny apartment. We have plans to do some major landscaping this spring. We plan on taking out some trees so we can have a bigger lawn. And actually put in a lawn.
Here are a couple pics of the home, we took at the end of summer and of Carter. I can't find my camera cord so these are pics my friend took and I got off her blog. Thanks Tonya! Carter loves playing with this little boy, they love to run and scream and play cars.