Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Lilly pics

Lots of Lasting Love for the Lovely Lady Lilly Lulu

Tim here. Norma is busy with Lilly and we finally figured out a way around plugging our camera into the computer and still uploading some pictures. This last week has been a bit crazy, but it's been like going to Disneyland. A little hectic, but has had some great rides.

Here's Carter holding Lilly. They are so cute. Carter looked just like her when he was that age. Carter even weighed less!

Ahhhhhh..... They're kissing...............Or is Lilly bitting Carters nose? Get him!

Our first family picture.

I have the feeling that even though we are even, these two women will be deciding everything in our family. But I'm sure glad Lilly looks like her mom.

So peaceful.

Happy Dad!
She brings color in our life. Or dots
Carter's first babysitting gig
His second. He decided to change it up and do it naked.