Saturday, December 27, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Graduation, baby blessing, and moving all in a week

We have been very busy of late and here is why. . . Tim graduated from Byu-Idaho on Friday the 12th. He amazes me so much. Even with having a full time job and a family he still kept his grades up and found time to play with his buddies.
On Saturday morning we had a wonderful snow storm and Wal-Mart came to move us. Fortunately my parents had came to Rexburg to watch Tim graduate then take Carter to Utah with them so he didn't have to be there while we took everything out. And Tims mom Lenore stayed and helped me finish packing boxes and cleaning. Lilly was a little angel through the whole thing and stayed content in her swing.
Then Saturday evening my sister Lisa and I blessed our babies at her church in Lehi, Ut. All of my family got to be there and Tim's parents and one of his sisters and her family. My cousin Melissa and her family also got to come, I really enjoyed that.
Tim left to drive to Arkansas at 3am on Monday and arrived at 9pm. The moving truck delivered our things Tuesday morning. Tim's mom Lenore flew out with Carter Wednesday morning on stand by due to her daughter working for an airline company she gets to travel for free. I flew out on Wednesday afternoon. I was supposed to be flying from Salt Lake to Las Vegas to Denver then to Fayettville, AR. I got stuck in Las Vegas though with Lilly. All flights were canceled due to 3 inches of snow. We stayed in a hotel and flew out the next afternoon. I got to Fayettville at 1 am on Friday.
Carter has been having fun in our new house with so much space to run and adjusted very quickly to his big bed. Tim was given 14 days off of work to relocate. We have been enjoying having him here and helping while I unpack.
We had a nice Christmas by ourselves here in Arkansas, I definitely missed being with my family though. Carter was excited about all his presents and was kind of bothered that we didn't let him play with any of them until we were all done unwrapping. We had a couple over for dinner on Christmas that also recently moved here from our ward in Idaho. Her family makes homemade pizzas for Christmas dinner, so we had pizza and a ham dinner. After we put Carter to bed we played the Wii for a couple hours.
Here are pictures from Lillys blessing and of our new home. I will post pics of my bedroom, carter's room, the office, and the laundry room as they get unpacked and organized.

Play room

Family room (fireplace room)

Play room

Lilly's room (now if only she would use it)

Dining room

This window and the window in the Living room are where I got the rods and fabric to sew drapes for.


View from front door