Monday, August 31, 2009

Never a boring moment

Carter has been working on using the potty. We haven't been diligent about using the potty just occasionally. And of course Carter only wants to use it when we are in public places, like at the park or at the grocery store when we are already in line or to get out of sacrament meeting at church. Here are a couple funny stories from our experiences . . .

I put Carter in underwear one night and he was sitting in the kitchen and I told him if he goes pee pee in the potty I will give him candy, he said "yeah, candy" then started pushing and went right on the floor, well I guess he forgot the potty thing.

Carter one day went to the bathroom 10 times in 20 mins and had 20 skittles. He would only go a little bit then be ready for his skittles. I tried to encourage him to go more but he insisted that he was done and needed his candy.

Carter and Lilly were taking a bath together. Which is so cute to watch they splash and laugh like crazy the whole time in there. I noticed Carter was tooting so I said Carter come sit on the potty and go poo poo. He was kind of unsure about it so I said you can have a cookie if you go. He got in a squatting position on the toilet and I held his hands, well while he was going he started peeing right on my arm. I didn't want to disturb him so I contined to let him pee on me.