Saturday, September 1, 2012

School time

Carter started kindergarten last week.  He has been loving every minute of it.  When I came to pick him up the first day, he was so excited he told me "Mom, that was soooo much fun.  I can't believe it. It was soo fun and I didn't learn anything."  Hopefully the no learning part changes soon.  On the second day he told me "Mom, I made a new friend!  I don't know her name but she has wrinkles"  I thought this was odd and continued to listen to him tell me about his new friend and I soon realized he meant freckles.  I took him to his back to school bbq that night, met his new friend, watched him dance to the music or as he says "practicing to be a rock star" and watched him play at all the new playgrounds.  I love seeing him excited about school, but am still trying to have some of the same feelings as I try to get the clan dressed and out the door by 8:30.

Lilly is adjusting to having Carter gone for a couple hrs.  And  it doesn't hurt having a little baby to snuggle.
And this is Evan.  He got a fat lip today and felt better once Tim gave him permission to shoot him.