Sunday, January 31, 2010

catch up time!

We moved to Yakima right before Thanksgiving and have been having a lot of fun here with family. We are living with my parents now because we are going to start building a house in the spring and need to save money for that. We will probably be living here for awhile because we are building the house ourselves. But we don't mind there house is huge and Bubby (Grandma) and Grandpa are so much fun.

Thank you Christine for driving with us the 30 hr trip from Ar while Carter and I were throwing up in the car the whole way. You're the best aunt and sister!

Carter loves Josh and loves that his cousin only lives an 1hr 1/2 away and gets to visit often.

Lilly and Ashley

Christmas eve after Burger King

Carter is officially a "big boy" now

Christmas morning

The kids have been so sick this winter, lots and lots of snuggling

In between illnesses we still find time to play