Friday, June 27, 2008

Life in NW Arkansas

Carter loves to hug mommy and daddy at the same time.
We went to a mall and outside their was a band playing Carter screamed and cheered after every song. Superman even got a shout out from the band.

Tims parents came last week and we had many exciting adventures. We went to a couple lakes, a cave, and other tourist attractions.

Carter loved to play in the shallow water. He has also discovered the joy of splashing in puddles of late.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Disneyland pics

Tim and I are in Arkansas now for a couple months for Tim's internship at Sam's Club. This is his first week and hes really enjoying it. We both like what we have seen so far. The weather has been nice and their seems to be plenty to do around here and lots of shopping.

We miss Yakima though. Carter loved going out to see the animals everyday and especially spending time with Bubby and Grandpa.

Carter is growing up so fast. He seems to be understanding a lot more of late. It's nice also because he seems happier. He loves the attention of others and is constantly waving and clapping to get a smile.

Oh yeah and also I'm having a girl. We are so excited.