Friday, January 13, 2012

Just say No

My children manipulate me.

Exhibit A Evan 16 months-When he wants something we either get the angry child with full out screaming or the sweet child who tries hugs and smiles to get his way. Either way its hard to say no to a baby.

Exhibit B Lilly 3- "But . . . mom .... mom ... i just .... just .... want to ... mom ... mom ... please... please.... I said please... see I'm being nice"

"Mommy please hold me I'm hurting I can't do it I'm hurting, please."

"But apples make me throw up I need candy to make me feel better. Only candy won't make me throw up."

"But I'm a big girl and can do it all by myself, you said I'm not a baby and I need to try to do it by myself". Of course this explanation comes when wanting to put on makeup or cook and not feeding herself.

Exhibit C Carter 4(almost 5)-"Mom do you want me to be happy?" "Then say yes"

"Hold on mom I need to say a prayer. Dear Heavenly Father, Please Tell mommy to say yes. Mommy you need to listen to Jesus now because he is telling you to say yes."

"Mom do you want me to cry? If you don't say yes I'm going to cry."

"This arm is full of dinner. This arm needs dessert."

And of course when its time to clean up my leg is broken, when its time to eat dinner I'm so full, and when it's time to go to bed I'm hungry, I have to go to the bathroom, or I just can't sleep.