Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ok so forget about that last post on Thursday when I said I would post pictures tonight. I went to Girls night that night and got home at 11:30 then stayed up till 3 moving stuff over to our house. And then of course my battery for my camera was dead. And then I couldn't find the cord to uplaod pics. And now I just noticed that the settings on my camera were off, so the pictures are kind of grainy. Anyways I'm still trying to get used to the camera and learn how to use it.
But here is the house. This is the front door and to the left is a little door for the kids that goes under the stairs to a little reading spot. We are still waiting for carpet for the stairs. It got ordered twice and came the wrong color. Third time is the charm right!?

I have more varnishing to do on those end caps on the posts.

Carter reading

Here is the kitchen. We need to paint the trim around that pantry door and build shelves in there.

Dining room. We are waiting for our backsplash in here and need to get our baseboards on.

And maybe some yard work . . .

I'm planning on painting theses chairs white soon. And good spray painters out there want to come spray with me : )

Family room. In here we need to put the bracket up for the tv and hang it, baseboards, and get Tim to get us a rug. : ) I'm hoping to order the same carpet that is coming for the stairs and have it bound for an area rug.

This is a little more realistic of how our house looks right now. So don't be offended if I don't invite you over because there really are boxes everywhere.

Coming in from the back door. In the near future there will be a bench, hooks, and shelves here.

Play room. In here we need to build the shelves in the closet. Then I will be able to put away all their toys. : ) We have been doing preschool in here for 2 hrs everyday this last week, and it has been going really good. I'm hoping that in the next couple weeks when we check most things off our to do list I will be able to pepare better lessons for Carter and Lilly.

Powder bath. We are still waiting for the chair rail tile to come in and we need to hang a mirror.

Mast bath. I have been forced to become more comfortable with my body.

Mirrors are needed in here and we need to put our hardware on.


Kids bath. We have mirrors for here just need to hang them and put our hardware on. Currently we can't really open the drawers.

I'm not posting any bedroom picks this time, because we don't have any dressers or rods in our closets. So they consist of a bed on the floor and boxes. I will try to continue to post as we finish projects. Thanks for taking a look and if you come across any awesome cheap dressers or mirrors call me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moving in

We have moved in to our home and I love it. I love that the kids can be playing in the family room or dining room and I can still watch and talk to them while working in the kitchen. I love my long hall way that the kids race in and ride there cars down. I love my big kitchen that has plenty of space to work in. I love the $12 step ladder from walmart that allows my kids to cook with me. I love decorating it and putting pictures of our family up. I love the playroom that is next to the kitchen, so my little ones can still feel like they are close to mom but the mess is in a different room. I love the reading nook under the stairs. I love the big bathtubs. I love that it is across the street from my parents. I love every little detail of it. Stay tune pictures coming tonight!