Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm back!

So after a wonderful weekend spent in Seattle with the family looking at house stuff and a husband saying instead of reading every other blog you should write on ours, I decided it was time to update. So here it is. . .

Our house is still buying built or worked on. It's built, we have all the hvac, plumbing, wiring, and half of the insulation done. Friday the drywall people are suppose to start. We have got to pick out everything for the house which has been fun, stressful, and a long process. Mostly fun though especially when you finally decide and then can look back and sigh with relief that you think you might have made the right decision. You can probably tell that I have a hard time making decisions. There are so many choices out there. For the finishing work we have picked out appliances, cabinets, some lights, exterior doors, and a few bathroom fixtures. We still need to decide on paint colors, flooring, stair railing, tile, counter tops, sinks, more lights, interior doors, trim, casing, baseboards, toilets, and the list goes on.
We hope to be moving in sometime in August; beginning, end we really don't know. In the meantime though I'm refinishing a table and reupholstering and painting chairs for our dining room, making a bench for our foyer, and looking at a million house pictures. I really love this house stuff and am very excited about my projects.
And of course here are some pics of what most of time is really going to . . .

Favorite quote from the weekend: We went to the hotel pool where about 20 12 year olds were dunking eachother. I told Carter it will ok they won't touch you just stay close to the stairs. He was wearing a spiderman floatie and says "But mom I'm spiderman, and they are going to want to get spiderman".