Monday, March 5, 2012

Carters Bday

For Carters 5th birthday we went to Great Wolf Lodge. The kids loved it. My parents and Doug and Carries family came, which made it heaven for my kids to have their cousins/best friends there. I was surprised how much they enjoyed it. It was loud and crowded and water dumping or shooting up all over the place. But they didn't bat an eye going down the big water slides or standing under gallons of water. There was a kiddie area with little slides, than 2 larger slides that anyone could go on, than 2 really big slides you go down on tubes that my kids were too short for, a pool with basketball hoops and a leap pad course, and a wave pool. Carter has just started seeing how long he can stay under water. He would put on his goggles, plug his nose and kick around the packed pool while i would try to direct him away from hitting people. Overall it was fun but exhausting.

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Hans and Chelsey said...

So I just realized after a couple times of talking about this place with you- Norma; this was on a tv series called Undercover Boss. It looked amazing and seems like a great place to have some fun. At the time we were living in Utah and it was too far away from us to go for a weekend, but now I think that we just might have to try it.
Happy Birthday again to Carter! Can you believe how old he is getting?