Thursday, October 11, 2012


 September was a fun month for our family we . . .

Celebrated Tim's birthday.  Tim, Lewis, and myself went to Boise to watch the Boise/BYU game.  It wasn't a very good game but we still had a lot of fun on the trip; the drive, eating out, game, staying in the hotel, breakfast, and shopping.   After Boise we stopped in Tri-cities.  My mom brought my kids over to Dougs house that day and we stayed the night so Tim could run his first half marathon.  I have never known Tim to run so it was fun to watch him.  He did awesome and I learned he doesn't run because he is not in shape like me.  He has just always chosen a different form of exercise.

 Evan turned 2!  Carter and Lilly decorated his cake with Bubbie aka Grandma.  We had a fun party with my parents and Uncle Bob and Aunt Kimee.  Evan has developed quite the personality.  He is such a silly boy but doesn't like a a lot of attention brought to him.  If we don't make a big deal of what hes doing he is so funny.  I wish I could get his acts on movie it always makes us laugh.

 Enjoyed Lewis.  I really can't describe how much we all love having Lewis here to watch and hold.
 Participated in Mitchell's day.  We all wore yellow and went to a local park to plant plants in honor or our buddy Mitchell who passed away due to cancer a couple weeks prior.  We still think about him daily and how good of a example he was; always happy and friendly.  Lilly says almost daily "I miss Mitchell, hes my buddy because he was sooo nice to me."

 Went to the fair with cousins and Aunt Christine.  It was so nice to have Christine visit.  She helped me with my kids so much and that week and just spent time with me chatting.  Christine I can't wait to meet your little boy in March!

 We inherited my parents old hottub and our grass has grown enough to play on.  Oh it is sooo nice to have grass.
 Over there is our future garden.  I have never grown a garden.  Help and advice would be appreciated.
 I diyed it for Lilly's headboard.  A $20 garage sale headboard, foam, batting, fabric I already had in my stash, and an hour later and Lilly's bedroom is looking more complete.

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